Building a future Committed to sustainability


Quality and environmental policies

The management of Construcciones Rico S.A. recognises the importance of respecting the environment and its relevance for the company as we work to satisfy client requirements and expectations. We are also committed to supplying the resources needed to ensure that our activities are conducive to this objective.

To that end, the company has established a Sistema Integrado de Gestión de Calidad y Medioambiental (Integrated System of Quality and Environmental Management) based on the requirements established under the UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004, and UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 standards, which are certified by AENOR ( Registration no. ER-628/2003 in relation to quality control and Registration number CGM – 03/143 which evidences conformity with AENOR environmental standards. The Management System is structured around a commitment to quality and environmental policies and is based on the following principles:

  • Quality and environmental management are strategic elements integral to the effective functioning of the company.
  • There is a firm commitment that all our activities and products comply with legal requirements and prevailing norms and we are continuously working to find ways to improve our performance in this respect whenever possible.
  • Quality during project implementation is a consequence of the quality inherent in the organisation that undertakes the work.
  • We are committed to understanding the current and future needs of our clients, to satisfying these requirements and to working to exceed expectations.
  • We are committed to planning our activities in such a way as to assure the prevention of any form of contamination and so guarantee a continuous improvement in our environmental practices.
  • We will minimise our environmental impact by paying special attention to the waste management philosophy which stresses the principles of “reduce, re-use and recycle”. When that is not possible we will ensure that the disposal method chosen has the least impact possible on the environment.
  • We will facilitate the training and awareness of our employees, as well as better communication with our suppliers.
  • We will welcome input from all parties that are affected by our activities in order to improve the company’s approach to environmental management.
  • We have a firm commitment to continuously improve the efficiency of the Integrated Management System with an emphasis on new technology and by strengthening our relationship with clients.
  • We will communicate our quality and environmental commitments to all staff and any other interested parties.
  • We will create a workplace culture that is conducive to our staff contributing to the achievement of the company’s goals