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Construcciones Rico

Construcciones Rico, S.A. commenced trading in 1960 in the province of Madrid.

During more than fifty years of commercial activity, the company has emerged as a reference point in the construction industry and has set itself apart through its ability to partner with clients and strong financial position.

Construcciones Rico S.A. can provide specialised support with all aspects of public works as well as well as expert support to projects with special technical requirements.
Moreover, the company is recognised as a contractor for national projects by the Junta Consultiva de Contratación Administrativa del Ministerio de Hacienda (Consultancy Board for Administrative Contracting of the Ministry of Finance). The company is also registered as a contractor qualified to undertake a range of extension, replacement and modification works with Canal de Isabel II (the public entity responsible for water management in the Madrid area).

The company can point to an extremely positive track record. Over time, both the number of projects executed as well as their size has increased requiring a growing investment in both human and other resources.


Construcciones Rico S.A. has at its disposal an extensive range of plant and machinery provided by the industry´s most reputable suppliers.
Construction machinery:

  • Excavators
  • Dumpers
  • Backhoe loaders
  • Loaders and mini loaders
  • Compacting rollers
  • Automated lifting gear
  • A range of supporting tools and facilities

Classification of national contractors

Construcciones Rico, S.A. is a registered as a contractor with the Junta Consultiva de Contratación Administrativa del Ministerio de Hacienda (Consultancy Board for Administrative Contracting of the Ministry of Finance), in accordance with Article 25 of Royal Decree 1098/2001, dated 12th of October. As such, the company operates in accordance with prevailing building norms and regulations.

Construcciones Rico is authorised to undertake a wide range of building works in many categories and sub-categories ranging from civil works to building projects and programmes and support services.


Civil works

  • Group A: Earth moving and boring.
  • Group B: Bridges and large structures.
  • Group E: Hydraulic works (provision of drinking water, waste disposal, purification and waste disposal units, erosion control and channelling etc.).
  • Group G: Road and walkways.
  • Group I: Electrical installations.
  • Group K: This category relates to works destined to enhance the aesthetic appeal of projects such as ornamentation, decorative effects, planting and landscaping etc.

Building works

  • Group C: Demolitions, masonry and cement structural work, metalworking, building work, rendering and plastering, sealing and waterproofing etc.

Service works

  • Group O:
    Conservation and maintenance of buildings, highways, motorways, rail lines, gardens etc.