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Urbanisation and Infrastructure project at la calle Huertas-Las Letras (Various phases)


Work consisted of the creation of a tourist and cultural focal hub spanning the historic centre of Madrid and including calle Huertas (Barrio de las Letras), calle Echegaray, del Infante, Cervantes, San Agustín and Costanilla de las Trinitarias. The objective of the work was to convert this area to pedestrian use allowing only for the restricted entry of essential vehicles by means of retractable bollards operated via remote control. It also featured infrastructure improvements in relation to the lighting of public areas and sanitation systems as well as the replacement of paving (to eliminate physical barriers), improvements to the urban landscape and the creation of “ecology islands”. A highlight of the project was enhancing the appearance of these emblematic streets in the centre of the capital by means of specially placed literary texts provided by well-known Spanish writers from the area. To this end one can see brass letters embedded in the granite paving.

This project was rewarded with the XXVII Prize of Urbanisation. Architecture and Public Works (2002) and also by the Diploma of Europa Nostra.

Type of project: Rehabilitation works